Clase Virtual de Salsa Casino en PortuguĂ©s

Este lunes pasado le dimos una clase de salsa casino virtual a unas chicas de Portugal. Pero como Israel, nuestro anfitriĂłn tenĂ­a huĂ©spedes francoparlantes en La Maison, estaba hecho bolas y en lugar de hablarles en portuguĂ©s, les hablaba en francĂ©s. Today we gave an online Cuban Salsa class to some girls from Portugal. ButContinue reading “Clase Virtual de Salsa Casino en PortuguĂ©s”

Top 10 Things to do if you miss traveling!

For a travel addict like me, this 2020 has been a big disappointment in terms of growing your travel experience. I know that now you are allowed to go out and visit many countries (Although depending on your nationality, you might not be able to visit the countries that you want) but for some reasonContinue reading “Top 10 Things to do if you miss traveling!”