Top 10 Things to do if you miss traveling!

For a travel addict like me, this 2020 has been a big disappointment in terms of growing your travel experience. I know that now you are allowed to go out and visit many countries (Although depending on your nationality, you might not be able to visit the countries that you want) but for some reasonContinue reading “Top 10 Things to do if you miss traveling!”

Our Salsa Parties are back!!

Alalibre’s Cuban Salsa Party Experiences are back! And here we had Maya Peters, who turned out to be a great dancer. ¡Las Experiencias de Salsa Casino con Alalibre están de regreso! Y aquí tuvimos a Maya quien resultó ser una gran bailarina. Les Expériences de Salsa Cubaine avec Alalibre sont de retour! Et ici, nousContinue reading “Our Salsa Parties are back!!”

Airbnb empowers guests to share love to their host

Airbnb just launched a new product empowering guests to share their host love. Guests can now show their past hosts appreciation by sending personalized cards. There is also an option to add a financial contribution that goes entirely to the host. If you feel like, share the love with us. We will be always thankful!Continue reading “Airbnb empowers guests to share love to their host”