Sunset Tango Dance and Dinner

Sunset Tango Dance & Dinner

Duration: 2 hours total
Includes: 1 meal and Drink
Languages: Offered in English, French and Spanish
Instructors: Marie-Ever Royer & Israel Andalón
Meeting Point: La Posta. (Morelos 444, Downtown #48300, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
About your host

We are Israel Andalón, Airbnb host who has been a dance teacher for over 20 years specializing in Latin Dance, including Argentinean Tango. He has taught tango in México and in Brazil. In the past, He had his own dance studio (Shanti Studio) and he has been hired for dance shows in several hotels and theathers in Vallarta and other places. He shares the teaching experience with Marie-Eve Royer, a resident-Mexican from Quebec, Canada who shares with him the passion for teaching (She owns her own language school) and they both share the passion for dancing as a mean of art and communication.

What we’ll do
We will offer an introduction to the Argentinean style of dancing tango through a workshop in one of the finest restaurants (La Posta) in Puerto Vallarta. First of all, you will have one hour of Argentinean workshop where you will learn the basics and some fun moves. It’s warranted that you will end up dancing by the end of the session. Afterwards, we will enjoy together one dinner and a soft drink or beer while we watch the sunset at the restaurant La Posta. (Minors will do a non-alcoholic drink. There will be a meal option available for vegans and vegetarians)
What else you should know
Transportation to the place is not included. It is suggested to bring confortable clothes and a small towel. After the dinner, you might want to stay there and drink more. Tips to waiters not included.
What We will provide
Dinner: Chicken breast dish or delicious vegetarian Spaguetti Primavera.
Drink: Beer or non-alcoholic drink.
What to bring
Money in case they don’t want to buy other things from the menu.
Confortable clothes for practicing tango for one hour. Shoes that can slide are recommended.
Dates: Weekdays at 5:30pm with required reservation. (Check available dates on Airbnb)
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whatsapp: +52(1)3222741372
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