Puente Colgante del Jorullo

Do you want to feel adrenaline driving an atv and cross the longest vehicular bridge in Mexico located very close to Puerto Vallarta 🇲🇽? Alalibre and Canopy River. Ask for your discount with us. ¿Te gustaría sentir adrenalina conduciendo una cuatrimoto y cruzar el punte colgante vehicular más largo de México situado muy cerca deContinue reading “Puente Colgante del Jorullo”

San Sebastián

Hello Travelers! Last week, we went again to the marvelous mining town of San Sebastian, which is located one hour east from Puerto Vallarta. We had a great time walking through it’s cobblestone streets, admiring local art, buying organic coffee and other local products. This time we decided to go all the way up toContinue reading “San Sebastián”