Puente Colgante del Jorullo

Do you want to feel adrenaline driving an atv and cross the longest vehicular bridge in Mexico located very close to Puerto Vallarta 🇲🇽?

Alalibre and Canopy River.
Ask for your discount with us.

¿Te gustaría sentir adrenalina conduciendo una cuatrimoto y cruzar el punte colgante vehicular más largo de México situado muy cerca de Puerto Vallarta 🇲🇽?

Alalibre y Canopy River.
Pregunta por tu descuento con nosotros.

Published by iandalon

I am Israel Andalón. I have a major in Electronic Engineering from ITESM. However I am a free-lance dance teacher and a tourist guide with my own company Alalibre. Besides Dancing and traveling, I like arts, geek stuff, social media, environmental issues, chess, scooters, literature, drawing, parties, entrepreneurship and marketing.

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