Travel Moment Highlights January 2020


Some of the many great travel moments we had on January 2020.


Algunos de los grandes momentos de viaje que tuvimos en Enero 2020.


Caylie and Brooke enjoying Coconuts at Colomitos Beach.
Carmen posing with a beautiful butterfly
Annie from Results Within posing for the camera at Colomitos Beach.
Chihuahua Love
Lovely couple from Chihuahua hiking at Colomitos.
Yelapa Waterfall
Finding the Waterfall at Yelapa
Iguana Encounter
Nicholas having a clouse encounter with Chocko the Iguana.
Bernardo and Victor ready to Snorkel

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I am Israel Andalón. I have a major in Electronic Engineering from ITESM. However I am a free-lance dance teacher and a tourist guide with my own company Alalibre. Besides Dancing and traveling, I like arts, geek stuff, social media, environmental issues, chess, scooters, literature, drawing, parties, entrepreneurship and marketing.

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